Terraform Kick Start!

Have you heard about Terraform but are struggling to find the time to learn about it? Do you need to get up to speed on infrastructure as code but need a help getting started? Are you curious about the real benefits that infrastructure as code will bring to your company and your career?

Infrastructure as code is essential to building serious cloud Native applications and is essential knowledge for nearly every Software Engineer working on or in close proximity to the cloud. If you are serious about upping your cloud skills you'll need a serious infrastructure as code tool. And that's where Terraform comes in.

What is an Email Course?

An email course is a series of short emails. Each email will be sent one day after the last was opened. So if you don't want them anymore simply stop reading! And at the end of the series you will receive no further emails.

Email courses are great for a little dosage of learning whilst you commute or on your lunch break. It's all written content so no need for headphones or sound. And it moves at your pace as fast as you need to go.

Terraform Course Outline

Let's take a look at what the course will cover...

Module 1: What is Terraform?
In this module we'll cover the fundamentals of Infrastructure As Code and Terraform. We'll discuss what Terraform is and why you'd want to use it.
Module 2: Advanced Terraform
In this module we'll cover the more advanced features of Terraform such as dealing with existing infrastructure.

Ready To Go?

All you have to do is sign up below and the cloud of uncertainty (get it!) around infrastructure as code and Terraform will already start to wash away...